Club membership 2019 SENIORS

This form is for SENIOR club membership ONLY (to March 2020). Age 18 and above @ £49 per year. (Those aged 16-17 need to complete the paper form unfortunately).
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You must provide this information if you have a condition that may affect you whilst running or those running with you. This information will be kept confidential, but if your condition is sensitive or if you would rather not fill in this online form you are welcome to speak directly to a club official instead. Please write "none" if you have no known health issues:
Medical issues:

The Newmarket Joggers running club is shortly to become incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee. Thereafter, each member of the club will also become a guarantor of the company, with the maximum potential liability of any individual member/guarantor in the event of the company being wound-up, being limited to GBP1.00. Please contact any committee member if you would like any further information.

I agree that Newmarket Joggers will hold the above details on computer for club administration and some details (not medical) may be passed on to England Athletics for affiliation purposes.

As a member of Newmarket Joggers I agree to comply with all policies and codes of conduct as laid out by UK Athletics (

I understand that I participate in club activities at my own risk and that neither Newmarket Joggers nor its members shall be held responsible for any injury, loss, damage or action claim as a consequence of my participation.

Newmarket Joggers' on-line payment processor is NoChex. After completeing this form, you will be passed to NoChex, who will take your credit or debit card details. Please be assured that at no stage do Newmarket Joggers have access to your card details.